We are thankful for and proud of the contributions that our board members make in our region. Learn who they are.

Ashley Forbes, Chair – Bay Creek
Greg Moon, Vice Chair – Carry On Trailer
Josh Gemerek- Secretary/Treasurer – Bay Aging
Deborah Warf, Member-at-Large – Virginia Employment Commission
Felicia Ainsa – Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
Jennifer Bowhey – Visiting Angels
Lamont Brown – ALNA Financial Group
Hosey Burgess – Virginia Employment Commission
Sara Carroll – Cuddlebugs Child Development Center
Melvin Carter – United Auto Workers Local 2123
Stephen Cox – Rappahannock Goodwill Industries
Beverly Davis – Gravities Light
Ian Ginger – GOVA Region 6
Stephen Goodall – WestRock
Tracy Harrington – Department for Aging & Rehabilitative Services
Shawn Hildebrand – A & N Electric Co0perative
Marjorie Lampkin – Rappahannock Community College
Bridgett Landess –  Atlantic Union Bank
Bill Leyden – International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 52
Vanesa Livingstone – Richmond County Department of Social Services
David Mann – Mann Printing
Nick Minor – King George Economic Development
Dennis Parsons – Exit Realty Group
Amy Shockley – Eastern Shore Adult Education
Patrick Tompkins – Eastern Shore Community College
Kendall Webre – Norton Yachts
Ben Whanger – Rivah Lawn and Landscaping
Gary Wilson – Caroline County Economic Development


Our Executive Committee will consist of the Chairs of each of the committees and the LWDB Officers. It will set the legislative agenda for the LWDB, provide guidance, recommendations regarding the budget for the workforce development area, resolve any conflicts in recommendations between committees before any recommendation is made to the LWDB, address issues not assigned to any specific committee. It will review and approve items for inclusion of items for the LWDB agenda prior to LWDB meetings.

Ashley Forbes – Chair
Greg Moon – Vice Chair
Josh Gemerek – Secretary/Treasurer
LaMont Brown – Member-At-Large
Marjorie Lampkin – Youth Council Chair
Deborah Warf – One-Stop Committee Chair
Vanesa Livingstone  – Performance and Accountability Committee Chair
Shawn Hildebrand  – Labor Market Committee Chair
Josh Gemerek  – Board Development Committee Chair


Our One-Stop Committee will oversee MOU negotiations, and implementation of the agreements reached in the MOU. It will make recommendations to the LWDB regarding the WIOA adult priorities, definitions of self-sufficiency and attachment to the labor force for dislocated workers, additional core and intensive services not specified in WIOA but determined as needed in the local area, amounts and types of support services to be available to customers, will establish one stop certification criteria for full services, satellite, affiliate and networked one stop centers. Together with the elected officials, it will set criteria for inclusion of optional one stop partners in the one stop locations. It will oversee the consortium agreement between the agencies serving as the one stop operator.

Deborah Warf – Chair
Patrick Tompkins
Stephen Cox
Hosey Burgess
Tracy Harrington
Tina Lance


Our Labor Market Committee will make recommendations to the LWDB regarding employer services, localization of labor market information, approval of courses of training based upon labor market information, approval of courses of training based upon labor market information for which ITAs will be granted. It will be responsible for the development of a marketing and public relations strategy. It will make recommendations regarding exceptions to ITAs such as for OJT and Customized Training and such other exceptions as are allowed under WIOA and an appropriate for the local area. It will make recommendations regarding fee for service activities.

Shawn Hildebrand – Chair
Felicia Ainsa
Nick Minor
David Mann
Melvin Carter
Ian Ginger


Will be responsible for fiscal and qualitative oversight, including continuous improvement, monitoring, performance standards, audit, quality services, customer satisfaction surveys, monitor fee for service activities, recommendations regarding continued certification, termination of the one stop operator together with the Local Elected Officials.

Vanesa Livingstone  – Chair
Dennis Parsons
Stephen Goodall
Beverly Davis
Bridget Landess
Gary Wilson
Jennifer Bowhey


Our Board Development Committee will serve as the liaison with local governments for appointments to the Bay WIB and ensures that the Board meets state certification requirements annually. The Board Development Committee is responsible for compliance with Policy 99-2 – Establishment of Local Workforce Development Boards.  The Committee is also responsible for acclimating new board members.  The Committee will recruit new board members and provide orientation for new members. The Committee will review and
recommend changes in the By-Laws as appropriate.

Josh Gemerek – Chair
Bill Leyden
Ben Whanger
Amy Shockley
Sara Carroll
Kendall Webre


A convener for the establishment of community wide youth strategies. Will coordinate program services to leverage funds so as to be able to provide all youth with services as appropriate and to eliminate overlap and duplication. Will make recommendations to the LWDB with respect to the type and mix of youth services and the selection of youth providers based upon competitive requests for proposals.

Marjorie Lampkin – Chair
David Ferguson
Hutt Williams
Tina Stratton-Taylor
Roger Gross
Chris Giles
Hope Mothershead